Hong Sang-soo (洪尚秀)

洪尚秀 (Hong Sang-soo, 1960 – )

南韓, 首爾
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The Day a Pig Fell into the Well (豬墮井的那天, 1996)

The Power of Kangwon Province (江原道之力, 1998)

Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors (處女心經, 2000)

Turning Gate (追憶失落大門, 2002)

Woman Is the Future of Man (女人是男人的未來, 2004)

Tale of Cinema (劇場前, 2005)

Woman on the Beach (沙灘上的女人, 2006)

Night and Day (夜與日, 2008)

Like You Know It All (電影節桃花劫, 2009)

Hahaha (哈哈夏, 2010)

Oki’s Movie (玉熙的映畫, 2010)

The Day He Arrives (他來的那天, 2011)

In Another Country (他鄉的女人, 2012)

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (白日夢女兒, 2013)

Our Sunhi (我們的善熙, 2013)

Hill of Freedom (自由之丘, 2014)

Right Now, Wrong Then (這時對,那時錯, 2015)

Yourself and Yours (愛上兩個你, 2016)

On the Beach at Night Alone (等一個人的心灣, 2017)


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