Hou Hsiao-Hsien (侯孝賢)

侯孝賢 (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 1947 – )

中國, 廣東省梅縣
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兒子的大玩偶 (the Sandwich Man, 1983)

風櫃來的人 (the Boys from Fengkuei, 1983)

冬冬的假期 (A Summer at Grandpa’s, 1984)

童年往事 (the Time to Live and the Time to Die, 1985)

戀戀風塵 (Dust in the Wind, 1986)

尼羅河女兒 (Daughter of the Nile, 1987)

悲情城市 (A City of Sadness, 1989)

戲夢人生 (the Puppetmaster, 1993)

好男好女 (Good Men, Good Women, 1995)

南國再見, 南國 (Goodbye South, Goodbye, 1996)

海上花 (Flowers of Shanghai, 1998)

千禧曼波 (Millennium Mambo, 2001)

Café Lumière (珈琲時光, 2003)

最好的時光 (Three Times, 2005)

The Flight of the Red Balloon (紅氣球之旅, 2008)

聶隱娘 (The Assassin, 2015)


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