Chen Kaige (陳凱歌)

陳凱歌 (Chen Kaige, 1952 – )

中國, 北京
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黃土地 (Yellow Earth, 1984)

大閱兵 (The Big Parade, 1986)

孩子王 (King of the Children, 1987)

邊走邊唱 (Life on a String, 1991)

霸王別姬 (Farewell My Concubine, 1993)

風月 (Temptress Moon, 1996)

荊軻刺秦王 (The Emperor and the Assassin, 1999)

Ten Minutes Older: the Trumpet (十分大師: 小號篇, 2002)

Killing Me Softly (殺死妳的溫柔, 2002)

和你在一起 (Together, 2002)

無極 (The Promise, 2005)

梅蘭芳 (Forever Enthralled, 2008)

趙氏孤兒 (Sacrifice, 2010)

搜索 (Caught in the Web, 2012)

道士下山 (Monk Comes Down the Mountain, 2015)

妖貓傳 (The Legend of the Cat Demon, 2017)

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