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Wenders, Wim (雲溫達斯)

Wim Wenders (雲溫達斯, 1945 – )

德國, 德素多夫
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The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty Kick (守門員對十二碼罰球的恐懼, 1972)

The Scarlet Letter (1973)

Alice in the Cities (愛麗斯漫遊德國, 1974)

The Wrong Move (歧路, 1975)

Kings of the Road (大路雙王, 1976)

The American Friend (美國朋友, 1977)

Lightning over Water (水上迴光, 1980)

Hammett (偵探作家, 1982)

The State of Things (影壇狀況, 1982)

Paris, Texas (德州巴黎, 1984)

Tokyo-Ga (尋找小津, 1985)

Wings of Desire (柏林蒼穹下, 1987)

A Notebook on Clothes and Cities (都市時裝速記, 1989)

Until the End of the World (明日世界終結時, 1991)

Faraway, So Close! (咫尺天涯, 1993)

Lisbon Story (里斯本物語, 1994)

Beyond the Clouds (雲上的日子, 1995)

The End of Violence (暴力啟示錄, 1997)

Buena Vista Social Club (樂滿夏灣拿, 1999)

The Million Dollar Hotel (地痞酒店謀殺案, 2000)

Ten Minutes Older: the Trumpet (十分大師: 小號篇, 2002)

The Soul of a Man (藍調系列: 男人的靈魂, 2003)

Land of Plenty (迷失天使城, 2004)

Don’t Come Knocking (風流債風流還, 2005)

Palermo Shooting (2008)

Pina (翩娜, 2011)

The Salt of the Earth (大地之鹽, 2014)

Every Thing Will Be Fine (擁抱遺忘的過去, 2015)

The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez (戀夏絮語, 2016)


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