Resnais, Alain (阿倫雷奈)

Alain Resnais (阿倫雷奈, 1922 – 2014) 

法國, 瓦訥
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Night and Fog (夜與霧, 1955)

Hiroshima mon amour (廣島之戀, 1959)

Last Year at Marienbad (去年在馬倫巴, 1961)

Muriel, or the Time of Return (穆里愛, 1963)

The War Is Over (活在戰爭的夢魘, 1966)

I Love You, I Love You (我愛你, 我愛你, 1968)

Stavisky… (1974)

Providence (1977)

My American Uncle (美國舅舅, 1980)

Life Is a Bed of Roses (生命是部小說, 1983)

Love unto Death (生死戀, 1984)

Mélo (淡淡哀愁, 1986)

I Want to Go Home (我要回家, 1989)

Smoking / No Smoking (吸煙 / 不吸煙, 1993)

The Same Old Song (老調重彈, 1997)

Not on the Lips (嚴禁咀對咀, 2003)

Private Fears in Public Places (喧嘩的寂寞, 2006)

Wild Grass (野草, 2009)

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (你知咩係戲?, 2012)


Life of Riley (2014)


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