Godard, Jean-Luc (高達)

Jean-Luc Godard (高達, 1930 – )

法國, 巴黎
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Breathless (斷了氣, 1960)

A Woman Is A Woman (女人就是女人, 1961)

My Life to Live (她的一生, 1962)

The Little Soldier (小兵, 1963)

Contempt (輕蔑, 1963)

Band of Outsiders (法外之徒, 1964)

A Married Woman (已婚女人, 1964)

Alphaville (阿爾伐城, 1965)

Pierrot le Fou (狂人皮亞洛, 1965)

Masculin, Feminine: in 15 Acts (男人女人, 1966)

Made in U.S.A. (美國製造, 1966)

Two or Three Things I Know About Her (我所知她的二三事, 1967)

La Chinoise (中國女人, 1967)

Week End (週末, 1967)

Tout Va Bien (一切安好, 1972)

Number Two (第二號, 1975)

How Is It Going? (還好嗎?, 1978)

Every Man for Himself (人人為己, 1980)

Passion (激情, 1982)

First Name: Carmen (芳名卡門, 1983)

Keep Up Your Right (神遊天地, 1987)

History of Cinema (電影史, 1989)

Nouvelle Vague (新浪潮, 1990)

For Ever Mozart (永遠的莫札特, 1996)

In Praise of Love (愛之頌, 2001)

Ten Minutes Older: the Cello (segment) (十分大師: 大提琴篇, 2002)

Notre Musique (高達神曲, 2004)

Film socialisme (社會主義電影, 2010)

Goodbye to Language (告別言語, 2014)

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