"The Flight of the Red Balloon" (紅氣球之旅, 2007)


開幕電影是早前替康城影展賀壽的超級炒雜碎之作 “To Each His Own Cinema” (給康城的情書, 2007), 另外還有摘下康城最佳導演獎的 “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” (潛水鐘與蝴蝶, 2007) 作優先上映~

整個電影節的焦點莫過於侯孝賢遇上金髮 Juliette Binoche, 翻拍法國導演 Albert Lamorisse 名作 “The Red Balloon” (紅氣球, 1956) 的 “The Flight of the Red Balloon” (紅氣球之旅, 2007)~ 另外, 一些老牌名導的新作亦不容錯過, 包括 Jacques Rivette 的 “Don’t Touch the Axe” (別碰斧頭, 2007), 阿倫雷奈 (Alain Resnais) 的 “Private Fears in Public Places” (喧嘩的寂寞, 2006), Luc Moullet 的 “Death’s Glamour” (死亡的榮譽, 2006) 和查布洛 (Claude Chabrol) 的 “The Girl Cut in 2″ (雙面嬌娃, 2007)~ 是次影展還選映了幾部法國黑色電影作一次小型的回顧, 其中首推 Jean-Jacques Beineix 的 “Diva” (歌劇紅伶, 1981)~

意大利國寶級導演費里尼 (Federico Fellini) 的回顧展將於12月7至29日舉行~ 沒錯, 影展展期又再一次相撞~ 不過即使檔期如何緊密, “8 1/2″ (八部半, 1963), “La Dolce Vita” (露滴牡丹開, 1960), “Amarcord” (想當年, 1973) 等等經典電影, 絕對值得在大銀幕一看再看~

一點題外話: 大部分費里尼電影都慣用意大利文原名稱呼, 節目表上譯作英文反而有點擾亂視聽…

5 comments to 法國電影節2007.費里尼回顧展

  • Hi, it’s my first time visiting this web site/blog, and actually my reply is not regarding the above post =P
    I am very impressed for a Hong Konger to have reviewed such broad genres of films and music. It is very encouraging to people like me who likes indie stuff, namely the Garden State (2004) and other indie music =]
    Thanks for your hardwork and passion, some day, more Hong Konger will get to know what’s happening around the world, instead of just focusing on ourselves. And that will be the reward for the kind of people like you =]
    Keep it up, and stay cool!

  • re: Namioh Yeung
    thanks for your comment~ i’m sure there are many hongkees who are more erudite in music and film than i am, but perhaps few of them have the time and energy to do the write-up~ i do hope there would be more hk blogs on film and music in the future~!

  • I wanted to second Namioh’s comment, although it sounds horribly patronizing but there can never be too much outward looking popular culture blogs.

    In your opinion, is there too much inward looking there?

    And do keep up the passion!

    Edwin, London.

  • re: Edwin
    thanks! I’m flattered~ :)
    I do love to see more outward looking blogs around~ but I guess people just blog as they please? at least I do… just post it up and the readers will decide~

    added your great blog on cinema to my blogroll~!

  • 好呀。都很期待。

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