“And the censorship itself, that’s not the worst evil. The worst evil, [a] product of censorship, is the self-censorship: because that twists spines, that destroys my character, because I have to think something else and say something else, I have to always control myself. I am stopping to being honest, I am becoming a hypocrite. And that’s what they wanted.” — Milos Forman 訪問節錄

2 comments to 審查的教育意義

  • 自我審查的意念一但萌生了,真是沒法回頭,不像外加的censorship, 可以改可以撤.今時今日,我們都不知被教導/指導去自我審查多久了,再來說自己的意念有多純綷? 恐怕連自己都有點迷糊. 我們都學會了在這個框框下生活了.

  • 嗯… 當年forman面對政府的禁制, 作出的選擇是跑到美國發展…

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