Xiu Xiu – Pox

論病態論變態, 美國加州搖滾隊 Xiu Xiu 也算是數一數二, 他們的 MV 當然也要延續這優良傳統~ 且看女孩如何用善良可愛, 永遠笑臉迎人的芭比公仔顛覆完美的三人家庭吧~ 這首歌取自他們去年的大碟 “la Forêt” 噢~

Xiu Xiu – Pox

you look so ready to kill me
with your bosses saw
Mendocino, Klamath, Siskiyou, Shasta
a wasp will find its way into your
pointless life
its stinger will sting you away
this where I live
dripping and marked from your paint
Jesus is wondering if even He can love you
oh this is where I live
a pox upon your house
(a nuthatch will never bow)
(a crossbill will never bow)
will you turn me to money?
will I shat my poison egg in your mouth?
signed with my conifer blood
this plastic coffin always in the shade of
your sickening daughters and
your idiotic hobbler wife
this is where I live
community college is waiting for them


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